Ham Nişastalar

Native Starches

Starch is a complex carbohydrate that is insoluble in water (except pregel starches). It is a tasteless and odorless powder obtained mostly from cereals, potatoes and tapioca. It is used in industry to make glue, paper and textile products. In the food industry, it is the cheapest filling material used for thickener and viscosity adjustment.

Starches generally divided into 2 groups as raw and modified starches. Native starches; It is obtained from corn, wheat, potatoes, tapioca, rice and peas. They are starches that do not have many properties and are used only according to the desired product, its consistency and gelling temperature.

Our Products

→ Wheat starch

→ Corn starch

→ Potato starch

→ Tapioca starch


Usage Areas

→ Baby foods
→ Bouillon
→ Chips
→ Soups
→ Instant puddings
→ Processed meat products
→ Cake and biscuit industry
→ Turkish delight industry