Vegan Ürünler

Vegan Products


For those who want to consume quality vegan products at affordable prices, we have created our Cheezmir, Joy'o Dulce and Veganers brands in 2019. Thanks to our expertise, which we have put forth as a result of our 100 years of experience, we have created our vegan cheeses and sauces with real taste and melting feature.


Our Products


→ Vegan mozzarella flavoured cheese

→ Vegan cheddar flavoured cheese

→ Vegan smoked flavoured cheese

→ Vegan cheddar flavoured cream cheese

→ Vegan parmesan flavoured cream cheese

→ Vegan herbs and garlic flavoured cream cheese

→ Vegan mozzarella flavoured sticks

→ Vegan cheddar flavoured sticks

→ Vegan smoked flavoured sticks

→ Vegan garnish sauce

→ Vegan hot garnish sauce

→ Vegan mayonnaise