Modifiye Nişastalar

Modified Starches

They are special types of starches obtained by modifying raw starches with physical, chemical and enzymatic methods to provide resistance against pH, temperature, high temperature, high pressure and mechanical effects.

Our Products

→ Modified corn starch

→ Modified potato starch

→ Modified tapioca starch

→ Modified waxy corn

→ Pregel starches


Usage Areas

→ Baby foods
→ Soups
→ Instant puddings
→ Pastry industry
→ Processed meat products such as salami and sausages
→ Sauce Industry (Ketchup, mayonnaise and salad dressing)
→ Dairy products (such as fruit yogurt, cream cheese)
→ Confectionery industry
→ UHT Processed products (Pudding)
→ Bakery products