Modifiye Nişasta Karışımları

Modified Starches

These products are mixtures made on a sectoral basis according to the structure of the final product.

They are mixtures modified according to the final product to be produced in the meat products, sauce, bakery products and confectionery sectors.

One of the main purposes of our blends is the happiness of our customers, who aim to reach high quality end products at an affordable price.

Basically, these products are used as consistency and filler in the final product.

Our Products

→ MTS 12

→ MT 505

→ MW 22

→ MW 42

→ MW 42-Y








Usage Areas

→ Processed meat products such as sausages and salami

→ Cheese

→ Yogurt

→ UHT pudding
→ Sauce Products (Ketchup, mayonnaise, etc.)
→ Confectionery

→ Cookie coating

→ Soft candy